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Iqrama Muhammad is a 2017 Create U alum and the owner of the PEACES Collective, an eclectic collection of handcrafted clothing, accessories and home decor. 

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Iqrama Muhammad, owner of PEACES whose mission is to create sustainable markets and systems for handcrafted and recycled fashions and decor.  Guided by the “waste not...want not” principle of our elders, PEACES transforms used and new fabrics & textiles into an eclectic array of beautiful bags, clothing accessories and home decor.  Iqrama is committed to introducing the time-honored tradition of sewing to a new generation and is a teaching artist for after school programs in Baltimore and surrounding areas.  

Iqrama has experienced steady growth in her business since completing Create U. She has gone on to become a founder of THE PEACES Collective, which is a coalition of makers and artisans who work cheerfully together, using their art and creativity for the betterment of their community. Their mission is to: "help make our neighborhoods peaceful and productive communities, through economics and education. We intend to accomplish this by promoting local business, encouraging “true” education, and supporting self-determination." 

She also has steadily worked towards her goal of one day owning a storefront that will also serve as an education hub by partnering with the Cardinal Gallery as a pop-up shop and recently was a finalist of the Remington Storefront Challenge.


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