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Troy Jones, CEO of 108, is a social advocate, mentor, motivational speaker, author, and a domestic violence survivor. For the last 25 years, Jones has continued his work in the human services field working his way from a teacher to a director, assisting people from different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.

From his years of experience, Jones has seen how the effects of neglect and abuse have on its victims.  Jones firmly believes that while we protect our women and girls, we cannot just silently encourage our men and boys to stop hitting and to pull themselves up by their bootstraps when they too are being abused.  Jones created 108 to empower men holistically with the tools necessary to identify and maintain healthy relationships, to instill resiliency and support to overcome past abuse and trauma.

Troy has achieved several benchmarks with his business since joining Create U. In 2019 he has become a published author of two books this year Relentless Pursuit and the Forbidden Journal.


Visit his website at:


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